Oct 30-31, 2012 LOS ANGELES, CA
Program Co-Chairs
Michael Newman
Paul Riismandel
Northwestern University
Eric Hards
Lockheed Martin
Erica Schroeder
Patty Perkins
Wells Fargo
Larry Bouthillier
Harvard University
George Levar
Come Learn About:
  • Enterprise YouTube vs. Managed Video System
  • Live Video Production: Tips and Tricks and Tricks
  • Developing a Mobile Device Strategy
  • Student-Generated Video on Campus
  • Creating an Internal CDN to Support Video Deployments
  • The Business Case for Video in the Enterprise
  • Enterprise Media Platform
  • Shootout Developing a Learning Management System
  • Video in the Electronic Portfolio
  • Strategies for Preparing Your Video for Tablets and Mobile Devices
  • Video Platform Deployment in Higher Education
  • Webcasting Tips and Tricks From the Enterprise

Mark Sherwood
Senior Director, Unified Communications and Video Services IT

Mark Sherwood is primarily responsible for the overall IT video strategy at Cisco.  He and his team are helping to transform remote, global collaboration with the pervasive use of video across the company. In addition to overseeing video technology, solutions, and services deployments, Mark maintains alignment with Cisco’s vision of video in the enterprise and the need to demonstrate overall business value.  He has been with Cisco since 1996, has more than 20 years of involvement in networking and software development, and holds a BS degree from the University of California, Irvine, and an MBA from California State Polytechnic University.